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Suoh Tamaki
1 February
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Character: Tamaki Suoh
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Game: paradisa
Player: enabeans
Loss: Beary... his poor stuffed teddy-bear.

On the surface Tamaki appears to be a very simple character, interested only in the frivolous and entertaining pretty girls, but there is a depth that shows through every so often. He was born in France as an illegitimate love child of the rich and powerful Suoh family of Japan, but brought up with his ailing mother. Knowing her weak health, he preferred to stay home and play the piano as it brought her joy, instead of making other friends of his own age – as a consequence, he actually led quite a sheltered childhood, without the friends and games he might have had otherwise.

His mother’s failing health prompted a visit by his scheming grandmother, who offered her the money she needed for treatment in exchange for Tamaki coming to live in Japan and forgoing contact with her. It broke Tamaki’s heart, but desperately wanting to know his mother was well, he complied. Strangely, he seems to bear his grandmother no ill will, and is always unfailingly polite and gentle to her in an attempt to be accepted properly in the family.

He’s very immature in a lot of ways, emotionally unable to understand growing feelings of romantic affection for Haruhi, preferring to believe he loves her in a fatherly manner. He’s prone to mood swings between childish exuberance and utter desolation which leads him to retreat to his 'corner of woe' and emo to himself. Fascinated by all things ‘common’ such as instant coffee, he is often sent into spasms of delight by such simple things as a continental market.

The founder of the infamous Host Club - whose self-proclaimed duty is to provide pleasure and delight to the super-rich ladies of Ouran Academy - he treats every girl as though she is a princess, using natural charm and his exceptional good looks to make them weak at the knees. Despite this seemingly shallow behaviour, he really does care about making those around him happy, and will often go out of his way to help solve issues the other host club members deem unworthy of their time.

Genuinely affectionate with a good heart, his friends at the host club are the most important people in his life, a small secular family he rules over as the ‘Daddy’ while making the far more serious Kyouya, his best friend since middle school, the ‘Mommy’.

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