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Suoh Tamaki
15 May 2016 @ 11:07 pm
You know the drill!

Anon commenting is ON, IP logging is OFF.

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Suoh Tamaki
01 July 2011 @ 12:27 pm

Everyone wakes up and the castle looks a little different. It's still a castle but it's more like a five-star luxury hotel resort castle now. There's only top-quality food in the kitchens and everyone's clothes are individually tailored to fit using only the best materials. Speaking of clothes, all girls will have [insert ouran girl uniform] and all boys will have [insert ouran boy uniform].

The townsfolk seem to be setting up for something big, spaces are being cleared and shops are being festively decorated. Wishing for other clothes or 'commoner's' food will fail.


Some castle residents [require 4-5 volunteers] will believe they are members of a newspaper club, and the biggest story of the decade is the Anniversary Host Club happening on Sunday. They will be attempting to interview everyone from the hosts to the potential guests, stirring up hype.

Banana skins will randomly appear at certain points in the day, when it would be most awkward for a character to slip over. These can happen to anyone, at your own discretion, so go wild.

All the women in the town will start to mob any host member who leaves the castle, following them around in a screaming group of hysterics. Anything said or done will result in cries of MOE and fainting.


The newspaper crew will again be stalking anyone and everyone, snapping pictures and bothering people for interviews.

The town is now fully prepared. There are four themed areas based on host clubs of the last year:
-- Feudal Japan; this will be overseen by Hunny and have events such as calligraphy and samurai sword fighting.
-- Mermaids; this will be by the lake and overseen by Haruhi (mainly because Tamaki wants to see her in a shell bra) and will include a tropical rapids river and a sandcastle building contest (because somehow the lake is warm and beach like now)
-- Jail; this will be run by Kasanoda and will include games like test of strength (by arm wrestling or chin ups in the 'exercise yard')
-- Cowboys; this will be overseen by Kyouya and will include games like lassoing, as well as pony rides.

As evening comes, the outside of the castle has been arranged into huge dining tables with a seven course meal and the host king himself in residence. Lights are strung everywhere and a band will provide music to dance to in the ball that marks the highlight of the evening.

On the stroke of midnight on Sunday, everything will go back to how it should be.
Suoh Tamaki
03 May 2010 @ 05:44 pm
JOURNAL: prof_ryoki
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WIKI NAME: prof_ryoki
CHARACTERS: Ukitake Jyuushiro, Tres Iqus, Lilith Sahl, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

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Suoh Tamaki
05 February 2010 @ 05:02 pm
Buddy System DropsCollapse )
Suoh Tamaki
04 February 2010 @ 05:51 pm
Welcome to Paradisa!

It's easy to be daunted by all the little things in a new game, so we've got a buddy system here to help you settle in. If you sign up, you'll be paired with one of our established players, who will help you get a feel for how things work.

They'll lend a hand in using the wikia, the different ways of commenting to the communities (filters and action, etc), introduce you to the AIM chat if that's your cup of tea, and generally help you get settled in.

So if you'd like a buddy, just sign up using the form below!

If there are any questions or concerns, or if you have not been contacted by a buddy five days after signing up for one, please send a PM to enabeans or contact Ena on AIM at luthienabler.